Dan Omari - Limitless Music Group

Dan Omari

Born and raised in Wolverhampton Dan O has always been the D.I.Y type , setting up his own hip hop street dance company and creating a string of events . He states that faith and drive have been his only ever back up plan and only has time for plan “A” as plan “B” will get in the way . Upon these grounds Omari packed his bags and moved to the big smoke that is London City .

Personality and having Heart in the city quickly saw him become apart of the right circles in the world of Dance & Music . Training under Sisco Gomez ( So you think you can dance judge & leading UK choreographer ) @ pineapple studios and working under Kymberlee Jay ( One of the UK’s most prominent leading figures in hip hop street dance and events ) at the serious about street dance event in hosting Management .

But in the Hard Edge , no nonsense , world of music he found deals and labels were never quite what they seemed. With his business know how , which he states a lot more artists need , Dan O being inspired by blue print leaders such as Jay Z and Diddy set up His Own establishment ” AviatorMusicLtd”
Producing and writing his own music which is a must listen , and being able to direct apply business , dance , choreograph and have an overall creative vision that he commands to come to life and being more than a triple threat is very seldom.

Dan Omari is fresh , exciting , independent , he states he would like to set a blue print for other dreamers and those who have a passion to make something and leave a mark . But in the mean time he will Continue to rip the stage , produce the baddest beats , he will raise an empire that will raise the standard of flakey manufactured wanna be syndrome that will blow them away when is tornado rolls in .