KayKon - Limitless Music Group


There are very few musicians who risk comic references in their skillful display of poetic outspokenness. Especially if he or she is an upcoming artist, it really does instigate tremendous audience scrutiny. Upcoming rapper KayKon, however, has placed himself out of the preconceived circle of musical whereabouts and is making his contemporary poetry flow along the lines of social comprehensions and more. His newest single ‘I’m Rappin’ ventures out of the familiar territories of musical inception and commemorates his individualistic methods of thematic intuitions, rhythmic patterns, variations in the poetic build-up and more. A distinct style of torrential melodies and nonchalant beats has made ‘I’m Rappin’ the relatable anthem of generation Y.

London based rapper Kieren Kondel, known by his stage name KayKon has been trying his experimental hands at music making for quite some time now. His other songs including the likes of ‘Winter’, ‘Gettin It’ and ‘High Time is My Time’ are all personalized renditions of opinions on a limitless spectrum of socio-cultural satire that cross our eyes every day. His humorous take on the things that he perceives and comprehends in the expanse of his social existence is truly commendable. The territories of musical disarray come together in a beautiful blend that gives birth to a slow-flowing encapsulation of dreams and feelings.

KayKon’s capacity as a songwriter defies every writer’s block syndrome that puts a hiatus in the creative progression of growth. However, KayKon with his collective epilogue has just too many insightful tracks to his name. As he continues to further deconstruct individualism in a harmonious palate, he is just becoming a refined curator of his own artistic flairs. His fan base is growing at an exceptional rate, a feat that makes his passion even more unadulterated. Follow his work on Soundcloud, Twitter, and Facebook to be a part of a journey that is beguiling.