D-Moe – Ladies Edition II


Rotten Apple (feat. SBG) 3:48
If I Could Be (feat. Whodini) 1:52
Know What She Likes 3:39
In The Morning 3:55
Never Be The Same Again (feat. Whodini) 3:47
Ain’t Got Shit On U 2:32
Treat Her Special (feat. SBG) 3:46
Things You Do 2:20
Take A Ride With Me (feat. Kevin McCall) 3:17
Moment I Right 2:53
I Don’t Care (feat. Sly) 4:29
Sweetest Thing (Remix feat. Sly, Whodini & Reezal) – [Bonus Track] 3:42
Ain’t Got Shit On U (Remix feat. Reezal) 3:40


Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Whodini @ LMG Studios